The Sweatiest of Polar Bears

This weekend, I more than lived up to the name of the sweaty polar bear. Saturday was set to be my longest run in many months. 15 miles. Yikes. My biggest struggle with running has been my mental toughness. I get into my own head and start to feed on the negative thoughts. With this run, I was bound and determined to change the way I approached it.

For the first time in my Chicago training, I was excited for my long run. This was the run that was going to make me feel better about my training. I felt confident and was excited for the route I mapped out. Fortunately, my run ended a few miles from home. I’ve found recently that the closer I get to my apartment… the harder it is mentally to keep going. I have no clue why this is. Since I knew Kathryn was going to be waiting to pick me up at the 7-11 and had a 10 am car shopping appointment, I had NO choice but to keep trucking.


It was hot and humid(78 with 96% humidity!), but the clouds hid me from the direct sun for about 11 miles. It wasn’t until I hit mile 13.5, I started to die a bit. The sun was INTENSE, but I gutted it out and felt really good at the end. Thank you Kmed for picking up my sweaty bum! And I’m glad you promptly got a new car so no one else had to sit on that seat. Ew.

After my long runs, I’ve started a new habit of rehydrating with some of my mom’s homemade grape juice and seltzer and then hopping into the pool. Let’s just say that the pool felt AMAZING. I stayed in it until the thunder and dark clouds caused me to retreat inside.


After showering and a good nap, I ended my day with Mexican food and Lollapalooza with my girlfriends on the big screen.

I didn’t set an alarm and luckily woke up in time today to go to Hot Power Yoga with Kate at Ruby and Pearl’s. It left me recharged and feeling limber. I loved the positive energy of yoga and it is a fantastic way to start the week. To cool off from a very sweaty yoga session, I hit to the pool with my Kathryn, Kate, and Kristen. And didn’t stop sweating… It was HOT out.

A quick stop at Yogurt Mountain fixed that!

It’s been a sweaty and active weekend and I’m feeling refreshed and recharged for the week ahead! Of my three page training plan, I am now officially done with page 1. I am now 1/3 of the way to Chicago!

I’m off to enjoy the remainder of my weekend! Have a great day!



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