Knowing When to Rest

This week has been tough. After coming off a fantastic weekend, I got sick. Not just a sniffling cold, but chills, fevers of 101.8, and a reoccurrence of a nasty infection I fought in June. Tonsils, you’ve been okay to me these past 24 years, but it is time for you to go!

Needless to say, I have not been able to run this week. I’ve been weak, out of it, and barely functioning. Having taken two days off from work, I couldn’t find the strength to run.

At least this week was a low mileage rest week of 31 miles. ugh.  On the bright side, my dad is pleased. I’m notorious for continuing to push myself when sick, injured, etc. His favorite saying is that I’ve got a thick skull, i.e. no common sense getting through. Oops! Hey, Dad, I finally learned! After all, it’s a marathon… NOT a sprint.

I’m very disappointed, but I’m refusing to dwell on it. As I am now starting to get an increase in energy, I will focus only on the miles ahead.


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