Looking forward

It’s been awhile. And a lot has happened. Or rather, a lot didn’t happen… namely the Chicago Marathon.

I got sick a third time. No joke. Meanwhile, my apartment is currently undergoing mold removal. Coincidence? Probably not. Needless to say, my doctor asked that I not run the marathon and, for once, I listened. It was really hard to sit back at home, but it was the best decision. I need to stay healthy until my tonsillectomy in November.

On a brighter note, my bf and I will be running Disney’s Wine and Dine Half! On very little training… whoopsies! I’m beyond excited for this race. I ran it last year and my parents came to the Finish Line party. Talk about yum! Our favorites were the Kahlua Pork Buns and the Mongolian Beef. The desserts and champagne weren’t too shabby either 😉

I can’t wait to show Charlie around, have him run his first half, and to take part of the runDisney meet up!! That’s right! I got in!

More on this later! I’m glad to be picking this up again!


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