Spring Training and the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Thursday was my Friday this week! At work, I moved to a new team so we took Friday to do a little team bonding. what a treat to sleep in a bit on Friday! Originally, we planned a boat day–I know, a boat in early March, the perks of Florida living! However, after a week of HOT, gorgeous weather temps dropped and the winds were going to be blowing! Not ideal conditions for a rather rickety rental pontoon boat. 

So what does one do in Fort Myers in March? Head to a Red Sox spring training game of course! My team was pretty evenly split in alliances between the Sox and the Braves so it made for some good heckling. Go Sox!


Red Sox vs Braves



I ended the day laying out a very pink outfit to wear for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. With my best friend’s mom’s recent breast cancer diagnosis and the fact that the course start was less than a quarter mile from my apartment made it a no brainer. Combining fitness and a great cause = awesome. Charlie was kind enough to join me which was VERY appreciated this morning when I didn’t want to get out of bed. Can every race be at the mall I live at? It was awesome to only have to wake up an hour before the race and not leave my apartment until it was about to start. It was a chilly 45 degrees this morning.



As you know, I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in, so this race was more difficult than it should have been; I kept thinking of my friend’s mom to keep pushing me. But, wow, what a powerful event. Aaand, for the first time, I met my fitness goal on my new Polar Loop –more on this to come.

What motivates you during a race? Do you have special mantras or friends and family who you think about as you run?



Wine and Dine Threepeat and other races

Holy cow! Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon filled up FAST. I don’t think I’ve seen it full up this fast before, but, quite frankly, I’m not surprised. Disney races have gained popularity and the Wine and Dine is hard to beat. Who doesn’t love a late night race (am I the only one who loves a good late night race?) that ends with all the food and beverages you can imagine. I know I like to celebrate with the Kalua Pork Bun from Hawaii and a glass of champs. Nommity noms. This will be my third running of the race and I’m pretty excited. 


Flashback to Wine and Dine 2013

Luckily, I saw the RunDisney tweet about registration opening and I kept my eye on that quickly growing percentage. Last year, I signed up in May, this year I acted quickly to sign up at lunch today. The day after it opened! Wowzers. I’ve convinced Charlie to run it with me again. Maybe this year I can get him to train for it?


The other race I recently–several weeks ago–signed up for is the Lululemon Seawheeze in Vancouver! As I mentioned, this is the year of the half marathon for me, and Seawheeze will mark my first west coast half. I’ll be joined by my best friend, Chelsea, so we can have a reunion revolving around running, yoga, and seafood! I can’t wait to try Pacific salmon. You may have noticed that these races are both in the fall. Yes, I’ve set myself up for summer training again. While I’m not thrilled with the idea of getting up before the sun rises to get my miles in, I’m planning to build a solid base to help with that.

The temperatures are already starting to pick up here in Southwest Florida and Spring training has only just begun! Does anyone have suggestions for making hot, humid runs more enjoyable? I’d love to hear your tips. 


Why I decided not to run a marathon in 2014

I’ve been a little ashamed to admit that I’m not running a marathon this year. I’ve run a marathon each year since 2012. Okay, that’s only two, but the time spent training makes it feel longer. I was supposed to have run my third marathon in October in Chicago. But, after 6 months of a chronic tonsil infection, that was not possible. It’s the first race I’ve ever signed up for that I didn’t run. It’s the first marathon I trained for that I couldn’t complete. And it sucked.

It was mentally tough to have gone through all those double digit long runs and have nothing to show for it. I’m not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination. It’s hard for me and I’m slow. I like to have goals and to meet those goals. I love getting the medal at the end to say, YES! You did it! Not even showing up for Chicago did a number on me mentally.

Since my surgery, I’ve taken a MUCH longer hiatus than I expected. I lost my motivation and desire to go for runs and quite frankly had lost a lot of my muscle, fitness, and strength. I also realized with so much fitness lost from the length of my illness and then the surgery, that I just didn’t want to stress myself out getting ready for a marathon. I’m also the type of runner who over thinks every run and have kind of psyched myself out of some runs. I’m starting to get back into it, but it’s been a process.

I love the half marathon distance; it’s challenging but not exhausting for me like the marathon. I was recently at a college alumni event and ran into Joan Benoit Samuelson. In telling her of my plans to just run half marathons this year, she said, “I hate when people say they are just running halfs. Halfs are hard, too.” And there I had it, I didn’t need to feel like I was being any less of a runner by not running a marathon in 2014.

My goal for this year is to get my fitness back, to run a sub 2 hour half marathon (I told you I am slow!), and to enjoy training again instead of dreading long, hot, humid runs. This year is going to be my year.

I’m excited to get faster, to get stronger, and to enjoy running.