Welcome to the Sweaty Polar Bear! My name is Laura and I wanted to be able to share my trials, triumphs, and fun that comes with training for a marathon. I was born in Maine, grew up in Maine, went to college in Maine (Go Polar Bears!) and now happen to be living in SW Florida.

I started seriously running my senior year of college after being inspired by my best friend and roommate who BQ’d during her FIRST EVER marathon. I ran my first half marathon at Disney in 2011 and have since run 6 half marathons, 2 marathons, and am training for my 3rd in Chicago! I’m a Cross Fit newbie and an occasional yogi.


Thanks for inspiring me, Chelsea!

I love veggies and fruit and call myself an occasional carnivore and fruit monster. My obsession with all things fruit and veggies began when my parents began their own organic garden and mini orchard in our backyard.

Running is a journey for me and has it’s ups and downs. I hope to share with you how I handle the good and the bad days of running. Join me as I train for my marathons, attempt cross training, and eat delicious creations in snow and in sun.


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