RunDisney’s #WineDineHalfMeetUp Recap!


Sorry for the delay in getting this up! I had my tonsillectomy this week, so I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off last week. The recovery hasn’t been much fun, but going through the pictures from the Meet Up was definitely fun!

When I saw my name on the list of people accepted to the Meet Up, I was ecstatic! When Chelsea and I did the Disney Marathon last year, we had tried to get into that Meet Up with no luck. Because I love Disney and am a HUGE RunDisney fan, I knew I was in for a treat at this event. A few extra hotel nights were added, and I was good to go! I ended up leaving work a little late so had a mad dash to my hotel, change, and head back over to Epcot.

Man oh man, was it worth it! I ended up meeting Kim and Jen in the parking lot and we ended up doing the Fast Pass to the Test Track together


I have to say, runners, in general, are so friendly and welcoming, and when you add Disney to that mix, it is a fabulous time! After our Test Track experience, we were brought to a special viewing area for the Illuminations show. We were so close, you could feel the heat from the fireworks and flames!


After our special viewing of Illuminations, we got to meet Chef Mickey!


And we got to sample some goodies from the Food and Wine Festival! Yum! And that is a baby glass of vegan wine. It was my first time trying vegan wine and it was delicious!


After some food, we sat down for some great talks by Jeff Galloway, Tara, the RunDisney Nutritionist, and the New Balance team! Apparently, they will be adding customizable race insoles for their RunDisney shoes this year. I can’t wait to pick up mine next year!


We ended the night with an easy run around Epcot and a Champagne toast! I ended up speaking to Jeff Galloway about Bowdoin and Joanie! I had no idea he had stayed at Bowdoin before heading over to Munich for the Olympics!


What an amazing first Meet Up experience! I can’t wait for more! 

Check back later for my race recap!


Looking forward

It’s been awhile. And a lot has happened. Or rather, a lot didn’t happen… namely the Chicago Marathon.

I got sick a third time. No joke. Meanwhile, my apartment is currently undergoing mold removal. Coincidence? Probably not. Needless to say, my doctor asked that I not run the marathon and, for once, I listened. It was really hard to sit back at home, but it was the best decision. I need to stay healthy until my tonsillectomy in November.

On a brighter note, my bf and I will be running Disney’s Wine and Dine Half! On very little training… whoopsies! I’m beyond excited for this race. I ran it last year and my parents came to the Finish Line party. Talk about yum! Our favorites were the Kahlua Pork Buns and the Mongolian Beef. The desserts and champagne weren’t too shabby either 😉

I can’t wait to show Charlie around, have him run his first half, and to take part of the runDisney meet up!! That’s right! I got in!

More on this later! I’m glad to be picking this up again!